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Every web site developer has to show off their “best work”. Unfortunately, you can’t see most of our best work. Since we specialize in web applications development, the majority of our coding is not generally accessible to the web. In many cases, an administrative login is required to get a taste of our real expertise. A fair amount of the work we do is not even associated with a client-facing web site: it’s strictly for internal (intranet) use. In addition, other developers hire us as subcontractors for particularly difficult coding.

Even so, we take pride in our ability to produce flawless web sites. Our layouts are tableless, and we test them extensively in Safari, Firefox, and various flavors of Internet Explorer to be sure that your customers will have a consistent experience regardless of their chosen platform and browser.

Have Tools Will Travel screen shot

Ed needed an inexpensive “ starter” web site with content management where he could display some of his past projects and advertise his remodeling services. We provided the framework for the web site, which included the design, layout, and content management engine; he entered all the content and photos. The net result is a web site with a capability of an extensive portfolio display, without an expensive price tag.

Technologies: MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, Content Management

This medical staffing provides families from New York to Virginia with experienced professionial caregivers. They wanted to incorporate full content management as well as on line job applications in their redesigned site.

A major concern of the client was that there be no interruption in email service when the site migrated to our data center. Our mail servers include a migration mode that allows us to automatically create mail accounts by passing log in infomation through to the old mail host, and importing any mail from the old server until we are certain that no new mail is finding its way to the old host.

Technologies: MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, Content Management, Flash

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The Salem County, NJ Habitat for Humanity affiliate is the oldest in New Jersey. Unfortunately, their six year old web site may also have been the oldest affiliate site. The Board of Directors wanted to update the site design to incorporate the Habitat logo, but was loathe to divert needed funds to hire a developer. Since we have provided pro bono hosting for the site since its inception, we were approached to donate a site redevelopment.

In addition to looking very dated, the old site had to be updated manually by someone familiar with editing HTML code. Many small non-profit organizations discover that a web site maintained by volunteers is often out of date. Our solution included providing content management for every page of this site.

Technologies: MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, Content Management

This marketing and design company provides real estate agents agents with a way to maintain continuous contact with their client bases. The real estate agents use this service to send monthly personalized post cards with discount offers from a local restaurant, entertainment venue or merchant.

Matching their design concept for identical display in all browsers/platforms was critical. The entire site is content managed via a custom databased content management application. The postcard slide show on the home page was implemented using conventional JavaScript, jQuery, and PHP. The client uploads postcard images via FTP, and the application traverses the directory and creates the slide show in real time.

While we’re proud of the way the web site turned out, the back office portion of this project is even more impressive. Once the real estate agent logs in, she can upload or edit a client list, request changes in their personalized post cards, edit payment information, order additional blank (non-addressed) postcards, etc. The back end application handles credit card billing, formatting and exporting data to the printing and fulfillment company, and a host of other administrative functions for hundreds of realtors in a dozen major metropolitan markets.

Technologies: MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, DHTML, Content Management, jQuery, AJAX, Data Encryption, many pots of Coffee and a Kitchen Sink

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Carvin Guitars had an ambitious plan for their web site: something offered by no other guitar manufacturer in the world. In addition to the usual on-line catalog and ordering features of a conventional e-commerce site, they wanted to offer their customers the ability to order custom-built guitars. However, with more than 100 models of solid and semi-hollow body electric, acoustic electric, acoustic, classical, and bass guitars, the task seemed daunting. Add to that various combinations of woods, body, neck and headstock styles, colors, finishes, pickups, bridges, tailpieces, fingerboards, inlays, hardware...

There were literally over a billion possible combinations. Each instrument has a unique set of possible options, some of which are included in the base price, and some of which are available as upgrades. The project was further complicated by the fact that some options are mutually exclusive, such as burst edge coloration on a white finish.

Black Diamond was contracted to provide all the backend code to run Carvin's web site. They were so satisfied with the results, they then hired us to code their international site.

Technologies: MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, Content Management

This client provides marketing advice and products to insurance and annuity agents. With this application they provide a complete web site to their agents. Each agent’s site allows the agent to provide a retirement planning book on request; weekly financial tips; and process retirement review requests. The agent has an administrative panel that allows the agent to:

  • edit of the agent bio
  • change the login password
  • edit the agent’s mailing lists
  • an editor for creating HTML emails to send to his mailing list.

The site also features an opt-in Weekly Financial Tip. When a user requests the weekly tip from his agent’s site, his email address is tied to the agent. The weekly tip is customized for each agent so it appears to come from the agent’s email address; includes the agent’s name in the subject line; and contains a link to the agent’s site in the footer.

Visit the site map for links to participating agents’ sites.

Technologies: MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, Content Management, Customized Apache configuration

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Fairweather Gardens screen shot

This client wanted an on line catalog display consistent with print catalog, with plants grouped by type and genus, and additional grouping of related species and cultivars within genera. Additional requirements included a “quick search” that simultaneously searches genus, species, cultivar, and common name, and dial-up optimization.

The custom shopping cart has shipping cost calculations based on an algorithm including shipping distance, monetary breakpoints, and size of the plant. All pages are content managed, and client uploads his own databases, which are then parsed into MySQL tables, and photos, which are automatically resampled to the appropriate sizes for thumbnails and enlargements.

We took the liberty of addressing one of our pet peeves in the shopping cart. Most shopping carts are quite compact, providing minimal information about the products in the cart. We understand the reason: there’s a lot of other data that has to be displayed, including per-item and extended pricing, quantities, shipping weight, etc. However, we always find it annoying to have to click on a link (and go to another page) to see more detail and make sure we have the correct items in our cart. Then we have to hunt for the cart icon and wait for the cart to reload to repeat the process for the next item in the cart...

Our solution was to use DHTML and AJAX to provide full product details (including a description and photo) in a drop-down for every line item in the cart. For once, we hope everyone steals our idea.

Technologies: MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, PERL, Content Management