Black Diamond Services deploys very high speed servers with multiple AMD Opteron® CPUs to host our clients’ web sites and databases. Our clients expect their web sites, databases, and applications to be extremely fast.

Our hosting philosophy is different than that of many low-priced host farms:

  • We own and maintain our network of servers primarily to host web sites and applications we develop.
  • Because we own our servers, we can configure them as required to meet our clients’ needs.
  • We don't partition our multi-processor servers into multiple "virtual private servers", where your 1/20 (or less) of a processor and RAM must perform web, application, database, and mail functions.
  • We don't put thousands of web sites on a single web server. We current have fewer than 100 web sites per web server.
  • Nightly Backups:
    • Web Servers: Each site is individually backed up on a nightly basis.
    • Database Servers: Each MySql and PgSql database is individually backed up on a nightly basis.
    • Mail Servers: The Mail server data files are backed up on a nightly basis.
  • Security:
    • While no-one can guarantee 100% Security in todays environment, we do process the system logs of every server on a daily basis looking for hacking attempts, unauthorized login attempts, spamming attempts, etc. To date we have blocked over a million "undesireable" IP Addresses, very few of them being US based addresses.
  • Our network consists of multiple servers interconnected with a gigabit backside bus to keep latency at a minimum.
  • Each server performs a single function to maximize server efficiency.
    • Web servers are optimized to serve up web sites.
    • Database servers are are optimized to perform lightning fast searches, without sharing processor time with application processing or page generation.
    • Mail and DNS are handled by dedicated servers.
  • Our backside bus also eliminates the bottleneck often experienced in single-interface distributed processing networks by keeping data from the database servers out of the pipeline that serves out the finished web pages.

Obviously, maintaining multiple high-end servers is expensive, and we don’t have a lot of sites among which to distribute the cost. Our premium web hosting costs more than you might pay at a large host farm, but our clients appreciate the resulting speed.


Type of Service: Included / Notes: Annual Cost: 1
Basic Non-database web site 2
  • up to 5GB of monthly transfer
  • 10 email accounts
Database driven web site
  • up to 5GB of monthly transfer
  • 10 email accounts
  • 1 database with up to 10 tables
Secure certificate
  • dedicated IP address
  • includes installation & purchase
Additional email accounts
  • 25 additional accounts
Additional bandwidth
  • 5GB of additional monthly transfer
  • based on yearly average 3


  1. All fees are yearly, and payable in advance.
  2. Use of our common Content Management system will not billed as database driven sites if no other databases are used on the site.
  3. We reserve the right to bill for additional bandwidth retroactively.