About Black Diamond


New Jersey Office

Contact: Don Smith
856 - 678 - 3073

Colorado Data Center

Contact: Dennis Smith
719 - 302 - 2884

The Owners

Brothers Dennis and Don Smith started programming BASIC in 1971 on a DEC PDP-8 computer in the basement of a local community college. The PDP-8 was the size of a refrigerator, and featured a whopping 8kBytes of core memory. Since then, we graduated to machine code, assembler, FORTRAN, PL-1, COBOL, Pascal, C++, Java, Perl, PHP, ASP, JavaScript, and almost any other programming language you can name.

In 2000, after collaborating on several projects, we merged our computer consulting companies to form Black Diamond Services, Inc. The merger resulted in a synergy that produces extremely efficient code that clients find simple to utilize. Dennis handles systems administration, database architecture and server side PHP, XML, C++, Java and MySQL coding. Don focuses on the client side of the equation: user interfaces, site layout, and JavaScript, CSS, DHTML, Flash and PHP coding.

The Technology

In 2002, frustrated by the lack of control over system archetecture provided by leased servers, we decided to build our own data center. Although we had formerly leased web, database and application servers in commercial data centers, Dennis wanted more control over data communication between servers than could be achieved with standard leased configurations. We now maintain 14 servers, most of which now run dual 64-bit Opteron processors with RAID arrays. Dual network interfaces allow us to pass data between the servers extremely efficiently via a high speed internal network.

Professional Associates

In 2003, we began collaborating with Paul Kuntz of Paul Kuntz Design for graphic design and Flash programming. Our clients find Paul extremely easy to work with on the design phase of projects, and we all love the way he lays out a site. Paul's keen eye for design makes him a valuable addition to our team.

In 2005 we began to outsource photography for selected projects to Jeff Blumberg of PictureThis Photography. A visit to Jeff's web site will confirm what an amazing talent he has for capturing unique photographic detail.

2005 also ushered in our association with Bill Lindsey to perform targeted search engine marketing for our clients. Bill worked as a marketing consultant in traditional print media for many years before transitioning to search engine marketing.